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Yahshua Ha Mashiach
            Yahshua the Dreadlocks Nazarene
Who is Yahshua Ha Mashiach? He is the Son(Bayn) of Yahwah who was sent by the Father(Ahba) to save the Nation of Yisra'el and the whole of humanity. The Son was born Yahshua Bayn Yowceph, in the little Hebrew town of Bethlehem,(Baytlekhem) through His mother Miryam(Mary) who was an almah(young woman)by the power of Yahweh's Holy Spirit(Ruwach Ha Qodesh)and by his stepfather, Yowceph an offspring of King David.
Yahshua was anointed by the Most High Yahwah to be His own beloved Son, Ha Mashiach or the Messiah. From since He was a child he was very brilliant in wisdom and knowledge and even inspired some of the ancient high priests and scribes in the Nation of Yisrael among the temples. Yahshua was trained to be a carpenter through his earthly father Yowceph.
Yet His real mission was to save and redeem the people by the Father's will not to live the rest of his life as a carpenter. As he grew up from a child to a teenager, and then an adult, Yahshua of Nazareth kept sharing the message to the people, some even became bitter towards him out of jealousy. Yahshua gave up carpentry and became the ultimate Messenger for Yahwah His Father.
His own cousin Yahchannan rejected the priesthood his  father Zachariah(Zakaryah) brought him up in and became a messenger himself living in the wilderness, preaching about the Kingdom of Yah, and even baptizing people in the Jordan(Yarden) River. The Scriptures mentions Yahshua as 12 years old in the Temple reasoning with the Elders and then all of a sudden he is 30 years old?
What happened to the lost eighteen years of Yahshua's life? Why are they not written in the Scriptures at all? For eighteen years Yahshua left the Israelite nation and preached Yah's message in Africa, Asia and the Mediterranean. Though this is not mentioned in the Scriptures(only in the Aquarian Gospel), it is very much possible that He migrated outside of Yisrael. Why not?
There were other people who needed to hear Yahwah's message, not just Israelites, and Yahshua clearly knew that." He came to His own but His own did not receive Him but as many people have received Him they shall be the sons of Yah." When Yahshua returned to Israel He met with his cousin Yahchannan the Baptist who was even telling the people about Him the Messiah to come.
As Yahshua approached Him and the people who surrounded Yahchanan, he said," Look, the Lamb of Yahwah who takes away the sins of the world!" Yahshua in being the humble servant of the Most High asked Yahchanan to baptize Him as an example for us to receive immersion baptism which is an Israelite sacrament. Yahchannan told Yahshua to baptize him instead but Yahshua said that you must immerse me. When Yahshua was infront of all these Hebrew Israelite people, the Spirit of YHWH came in the form of a dove and the Father's voice spoke saying," This is my Beloved Son who I am well pleased with."
From that very moment the people knew that Yahshua is Ha Mashiach, the Messiah! After leaving Yahchannan, Yahshua went into the desert where He was tempted by Satan(Shatan) for forty days and nights but overcame Him by the powers of Yah. Yahshua continued His ministry in the Nation of Yisra'el, but some refused to listen to Him. Yet there were others who joined Him like the twelve disciples He chose including other Israelites.
Yahchannan also was delivering sermons to the people but now Yahshua was the Man of the Hour not Yahchannan anymore. Two of his disciples left and joined Yahshua. Yahshua not only was preaching about the Gospel of the Kingdom, but was also healing the sick, blind, deaf, the lame, and even raised up the dead.
The Messiah was indeed bringing the people to the Father on High and because of this great work He was doing,some of the religious scribes became bitter towards Him. Yahshua even challenged the Pharisees and Saduccees for not teaching the people the truth and received brutal opposition from both sects. Some of these ignorant Israelites felt like Yahshua was teaching some kind of new doctrine. Yet the Messiah clearly told those opposers that He didn't come to destroy the Law and the Prophets but to fulfill!
Yahshua was just a bold man with these religious fanatics, and made sure that they didn't lead the Sheep astray from the Truth. Yahshua even went in the Temple and drove the moneychangers out saying they shouldn't make His Father's house a place of business because it is a House of Prayer! Many people assume that Yahshua was a person who turned the other cheek if He saw wickedness, but He was a Warrior, the greatest Radical the world ever knew like Marcus Garvey said in one of His speeches.
Yahshua was a very nice person but He also had a roaring lion characteristic in Him too. Not just a Lamb Yahshua was but a Lion as well! Because Yahshua challenged the false doctrine of the Pharisees and Sadducees, they conspired to get rid of Him by making up false accusations against the Messiah out of jealousy and envy. Yahshua knew that would happen already because He told the Twelve that the Son of Man would be killed in Jerusalem(Yerushalayim), buried, and on the Third Day He would rise again in glory.
His followers adored Him because of his spiritual lifestyle, love, and his great sermons. Before He came to Yerushalayim after walking among people in Caperneum, Galilee, and other cities and towns close to Jerusalem, the people acknowledge Him as their Israelite King. They sat him on a donkey and hailed Him with palms leaves and chanted," Blessed be the King of Israel. BLessed is He who comes in the Name of Yahwah. Hosanna in the Highest!" The people were actually praising Yahwah through His Son, Yahshua, their Messiah.
Of course there were no Israelites who were worshipping Yahshua in the sense of being the Most High Himself, but acnowledging Him as the Son of Yahwah. THe ancient Israelites embraced the Shema which teaches that Yahwah is One, which even Yahshua quoted when a Pharisee asked Him what is the greatest commandment. The Pharisees especially always tried to trick Yahshua with their deceitful questions but Yahshua always schooled them.
Imagine this young 33 year old Man was actually schooling these old Israelite men and they surely didn't like that at all. Before Yahshua would be tried and then comdemned to crucifixion on a cross, He shared a Passover(Pashach) meal with His twelve students and said that he would be betrayed and denied by two of his own disciples. He took the bread, broke it and drank the grape juice and told the Twelve that the bread represents His Body and the grape juice His blood. 
After eating the Passover Meal, He took three of his disciples, Peter, James and John(Kepha, Yaqob, and Yahchanan) in the Garden of Gethsemane where He prayed three times asking the Father to comfort Him from this agony He would soon succomb to by His enemies. He prayed so hard that His sweat turned to blood. The Father sent one of His angels(malakeem) to keep His company. He said," Father let this cup pass from me. Yahshua didn't want to die for the people but He knew it was the Father's Will.
Eventually after Yahshua prayed, a band of Roman soldiers came towards Him including his own disciple Yahudah(Judas) the one who betrayed Him for thirty pieces of silver among the Sanhedrin lead by the High Priest Caiaphas. He kissed Yahshua and suddenly the soldiers grabbed Him but Peter and the others pulled out their swords and fought back. Yahshua told them to put down their weapons and He left with the Roman soldiers.
They brought him before both Caiaphas, Pontius Pilate, and King Herod, the puppet monarch for Rome. Because Caiaphas couldn't accept Yahshua as the Messiah, he ridiculed Yahshua as a blasphemer. Yahshua told him that He is the Son of Yah and shall return with power and great glory. Some of the soldiers slapped him and even punched him because of saying this. Caiphas told them to take him to Pontius Pilate and they did so.
Pontius Pilate who was the Roman procurator or governor of Judea, met Yahshua and decided that Herod was the one who He should first meet since Yahshua was considered a Galilean also. When King Herod came to see him he asked if He was a King but Yahshua didn't utter not a word to Herod II. He even required Yahshua to perform a miracle for him but since He refused, Herod called him a phony and sent him back to Pilate who then questioned the Messiah if He was a King indeed.
Yahshua said that His Kingdom is not of this world because if it was his enemies would be trampled down. There again showed Yahshua's warrior personality. Pilate decided to let the Roman Soldiers scourge Yahshua, but they brutalized Him mercilessly by not only whipping Him until his skin bled, but made and forced a crown of thorns on His head. Pilate disagreed with what the Soldiers did and then He brought Yahshua infront of the people who wanted him to be killed or not be killed.
His enemies were so unrighteous that they chose Barabbas a murderer over the Messiah, they wanted him crucified. After seeing this vindictiveness of the people, Pilate washed his hands and said that Yahshua's blood will be on their hands and their children so be it. Barabbas ended up a free man after being locked up in prison for a long time while Yahshua Ha Mashiach was delivered to the Roman soldiers to face crucifixion. Yahshua carried the cross on His weak shoulders along with two theives who was also condemned.
After falling down three times in the road, the soldiers chose Shimon of Cyrene,(which is an African city) to help him carry the cross. When they reached Golgotha(the place of the Skull) they crucified Yahshua by driving nails in His wrists and feet causing more severe pain to Him and lifted up the cross and stood it up. His own enemies spitefully mocked him saying that if he is really the Son of Yah then come off the cross and they will believe Him then.
Some told him," He saved others but his own self He cannot save." Yahshua replied," Father forgive them for they know not what they do." His own mother Miryam and disciple Yahchannan was at his side crying for him. He told his mother that John was her son now and Mary is his mother. At noon the sky became very dark and the people then became frightened.
One of the theives even mocked Yahshua saying if He is the Messiah save himself and us. But the other one told him that we are condemned because we did wrong but this man is innocent. Then he told the Messiah," Yahshua remember me when you enter into your Kingdom." He said," Today you shall be with me in Pradise(the soon coming Kingdom)."   Then around three o clock in the afternoon a great storm approached with heavy lightning, thunder, and earthquake.
Before this storm came Yahshua told His Father that He would now give up his spirit and then the Messiah died on the cross. When the people felt the strong winds, the rain and the earth shaking, they said they sinned against Yah because they killed this Man. One Roman soldier admitted that Yahshua was indeed the Son of Yahwah.
After this great storm moved on from Jerusalem, Yahshua's body was taken off the cross including the two theives. They broke the legs of the theives but Yahshua they didn't because they saw He was already dead. With the help of Yowceph of Arimathea, Yahshua's body was laid in a tomb for three days and nights. When Yahshua died it was on a Wednesday not a Friday like ones assume and He said He would rise up on a Saturday(three days and nights) not a Sunday.
A day past and his own people forgot his words. Some of them were denying His Messiahship and believed that He fooled them. Two days past and more doubts came into the minds of His followers and students. Then on the Third Day before the Sabbath(Shabbat) arrived at dusk(6 p.m.) the stone which they used to cover the tomb was rolled away by the Angel of the Most High. There were two Roman soldiers who guarded it from anyone taking the body. But by the powers of Yah, the Messiah, the Son of Yahwah, was risen in an immortal structure, a glorified body that even blinded the soldiers' eyes.
When the Sabbath Day arrived, two women visited the  sarcophagus but saw it empty. They both thought that someone took Yahshua's body not knowing that the Messiah was risen from the grave like He told He would do. He appeared among them and asked why they were weeping. The women said that their Master's body is no longer in the tomb. Suddenly they realised that it was Yahshua and not the gardener but He disappeared before they could see Him.
Another woman came among the tomb but this time the Angel appeared before her and said that Yahshua is alive and that she must tell the good news to the people. Of course when she told the Twelve Yahshua was risen they thought she was crazy and ridiculed her of hallucinating. Yet even Yahshua appeared among them and they disbelieved it was Him feeling He was a spirit and not a Living Man. Yahshua however, clarified to them that he was not a spirit and they even felt His own flesh and saw the nailprints in His wrists and feet. They knew then that Yahshua indeed was the Messiah, the Son of Yah, their Teacher of Righteousness, and never doubted Him again, especially Thomas.
For forty days and night Yahshua stayed with his disciples and followers before His mission was over. They questioned Him asking if He would now establish His Kingdom and rule as King? But Yahshua told them to remember the prophecy about the Son of Man returning with power and great glory as the Conquering Lion not now. On Yahshua's last day with them He carried them to a high mountain and then was lifted up in the air and then disappeared infront of their airs.
They began looking up to the Sky but two angels appeared to them and told them why are they looking up to the Sky this Same Yahshua who you saw lifted up shall return in Like Manner as you saw Him go up. The Twelve carried on the message of Yahshua which is the Gospel of the Kingdom and were even martyred for speaking the truth. Yahshua's Message never ended the Messianists kept growing and growing worldwide. Before Yahshua disappeared He specifically told them to not only preach the Kingdom Gospel but baptize ones in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit(Ahb, Bayn, & Ruwach Ha Qodesh).
I acknowledge that Yahshua Ha Mashiach shall return in the same risen immortal flesh and establish the Kingdom of Yah on Earth, and rule on the Throne of Dawid forever which is His by divine right! Yahshua will be King of all kings and Lord of all lords in the New Jerusalem! Some people disbelieve that Yahshua ever rose again but my faith is my faith. I look forward for the second coming of Yahshua Ha Mashiach, the true King of Israel. All the Kings of Israel were shadows of Him who is to come, the Shiyloh, Yahshua is the Real Deal! He is the ultimate Messiah whom we must look to no one else! He came first as the Lamb but shall return again as the Conquering Lion!('s words)
All hail the power of Yahshua's Name

Every knee shall bow on Earth and every tongue shall confess that Yahshua Ha Mashiach is Master to the glory of Yahwah the Father!

For unto us a Son is born, unto us a Son is given and His name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, the Mighty One, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace!