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The Yisraelite
The Original People of Yah
Shem, Cham, and Yepheth
The Twelve Tribes of Yisrael
The Lost Tribes of Yisrael
Valley of Dry Bones
The Remnant
The Messianic Faith and YHWH's Assembly
Born Again
Yahshua Ha Mashiach
Who is Yahshua Ha Mashiach?
The Lamb of Elohiym
Conquering Lion of Yahudah
Yeshua or Jesus?
The True Gospel(The Good News of the Kingdom)
The Twelve Gates of Zion
The One Hundred and Forty Four Thousand
The Tribe of Zebulun
My Island
My Israelite Quiz
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Shalom. Here are some Israelite webpages to be looked at here. 
Hebrew Heritage A well documented site on the Hebrew Israelites.
True Hebrew Israelites Good information on who are the Hebrew Israelites in those times and now.
The Gospel Raw Uncut and Unheard Bro. Josiah Israel's webpage on the Hebrew Messianic Faith and the Nation of Yisrael.
Malakiyah Ministries Check out this Israelite webpage on the Hebrew Messianic Faith also.

Black and Yahudiy Check out this site on Black Americans who are Yahudiy( so called Jews).

The African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem This is the official webpage of Ben Ammi's congregation in Dimona, Israel also uplifting the Nation of Yisrael. 

United Nation of Yahwah Another Hebrew Israelite group uplifting the Nation of Yisrael.

The Hebrew Israelite Marketplace Check out this webpage to purchase Hebrew products(tzitzits, books, garments, music, dvds, etc.)

Israelite World.Com Check out this site for Israelite music,& videos.

Israelite Torah Covenant Ministries Ha Yisrayli Torah Brith Yahad is another Hebrew Israelite webpage based on African Edenic History.

What would Yahushua do? A good webpage discussing the true name of Ha Mashiach.

The Assembly of Yahowah the Eternal This group has some good information on the Father's name, Yahowah, and Yahoshua Ha Mashiach.

The Nazarite Site Check out this site based on the Nazarene sect and the Followers of the Way. Good information here by the author.

Yahweh's Sword Check out this Israelite webpage on the name of Yahwah and Yahshua Ha Mashiyach not G-d and JC.

Fossilized Customs Check out this site on the Messianic Faith and the Nation of Yisrael. Though this site is run by a Yah fearing Gentile and not an Israelite, he still has some good information.

Ancient Hebrew Here is a good website if you would like to learn ancient Hebrew or palaeo Ibriy. Ancient Hebrew is the language of our Hebrew ancestors not modern Hebrew.

The Afrocentric Experience Here is a great webpage on Black History.