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The Messianic Faith and YHWH's Assembly

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The Messianic Faith and its Assembly evolved in the ancient city of Yerushalayim(Jerusalem) during the times of the Messiah, Yahshua, & His Twelve Disciples. 

Greetings in the Name of the Most High Yahwah, our Eternal Abba(Father )who revealed Himself in the wonderful personality of His dearly beloved Son, Yahshua Ha Mashiyach, & who also sent us the Holy Spirit(Ha Qodesh  Ruwach) to guide us in the right path to Him! What exactly is the Messianic Faith and Assembly? We will first discuss about the Messianic faith, & then the Assembly. Is the Messianic Faith really a Jewish faith like ones have implied before?

Well, the Messianic Faith is the actual faith that the Twelve and all of Yahshua's followers embraced, before it was known as Christianity by the Gentiles, mainly Greeks, who came among the followers of Yahshua. Since Gentiles couldn't grasp the Messianic faith, they created one out of their own ideologies, Christianity.  The Twelve were known locally as Nazarenes and Galileans, because they mostly dwelled among both of these Yisra'elite cities, Nazareth, & Galilee. But since they were students of the Messsiah, they were rather identified as Messianists.

I know that some people would imply that it doesn't really matter what titles they were given whether Messianists or Christians, because it means the same thing, followers of the Messiah. That is just a plain excuse to me.  Allow me to ask this question," How can a Greek title be used more than a Hebrew Yisra'elite one?" Modern Christianity hardly recognizes the original title the Twelve received from Yahshua the Messiah, it is like they completely ignore its usage, and lean more to this Gentile interpretation of it. But how can that be?

How could the Messianic Faith be removed from their minds & Christianity more accepted? There is an obvious difference with the Messianic Faith & Christianity, because one language is Hebrew & Aramaic, and the other is Greek. The Yisra'elites didn't speak Greek nor did Gentiles speak Hebrew or Aramaic. Just like many reject the Messiah's  original name which is Yahshua, & not Jesus, so are they ignoring the faith which the Messiah taught about, the Messianic Faith not Christianity. Infact, I will prove to you that only in Antioch Messianists were called Christians by those Gentile people.


And when he had found him, he brought him unto Antioch. And it came to pass, that a whole year they assembled themselves with the church, and taught much people. And the disciples were called Christians first in Antioch.(Acts 11: 26)

Anyone reading this scripture here can obviously see that the disciples were first called Christians in Antioch. Notice it said Antioch, which is a place outside of Yerushalayim. This should show ones that the word Christian is a foreign term to use after all. In Yerushalayim they were officially known as Messianists, followers of the Messiah. The very word Christian wasn't even used in these times. So I feel it is right to say that they were Messianists in the Nation of Yisra'el. Therefore, they should be recognised by this Yisra'elite title, rather than a Greek one.

I'm positively sure that if the Twelve were alive today, they would still be calling themselves Messianists not Christians. The Gentiles tried to translate this title from Hebrew/ Aramaic to Greek, by calling them Christians, which is Greek for Messianic people, or followers of the Messiah. Because of these Gentile people unable to speak Hebrew and Aramaic, ones began using the name Christian & even in this present time modern Christianity prefers to use this title. Look how even Yahshua's title, Ha Mashiach or Messiah, was replaced by Christ, their own Greek interpretation.

Just like the Messianic Faith should be recognised today, including the Messiah's rightfully given name and title, likewise the title for the followers of the Messiah. Of course ones might feel it is not a concern to them, but it is to me. Either some people are anti-Hebrew, or they are just stubborn to accept the fact that the disciples were originally known as Messianists not Christians. After all, this is what the Twelve and the followers of the Messiah were telling these Gentile people that they were Messianists, embracing the Messianic Faith.

We've even read about the persecution these same set of followers of Yahshua faced by these Gentiles, simply because they refused to follow their interpretation of the faith. Despite what ones believe, it was not Christians being oppressed but Messianists by those Christians who refused to follow the teachings of Yahshua Ha Mashiyach. They rather created their own Gentile precepts on what the faith means to them, by even indoctrinating their pagan customs within this faith. Two Gentiles who opposed the Messianic Faith, were Emperor Constantine and Nero of Rome, who both saw themselves as Christians not Messianists.

Neither was there an altercation between Jews and Christians, but rather were disagreements between those Yisra'elites who didn't see Yahshua as the Messiah, and those who did identifying themselves as Messianists, followers of the Messianic Faith. This is what ones need to really realise before assuming that it was Jews against Christians because it wasn't. The Messianists were persecuted by even their own Yisra'elite family and Gentiles, all because they chose to not give up their faith in the Messiah, the Son of Yah.

For it was He who told them to preach about the Gospel of the Kingdom, the Messianic Kingdom, which Yahweh will send Yahshua with to establish in His Second Coming, for the Twelve Tribes of Yisra'el and all the Faithful, regardless if they are Israelite or Gentile.  Infact, there are some Gentiles that even recognise the Messianic Faith, & not Christianity, which most of the people in this world know as. I sincerely hope that others will accept the Messianic Faith too.  Now that I have clarified the importance of the Messianic Faith for the Nation of Yisra'el, I will now make emphasis on the Assembly where they congregated at in Yerushalam.


"And I say also unto  you, That  you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my Assembly; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it."

The word church was written in this scripture,but I prefer using the word Assembly instead. My reason for doing this is because even the word Church is a Greek term. In Yerushalayim, the people of Yisra'el didn't know about any church, they referred to their places of worship as either Temples, Assemblies, or Congregations.  Therefore, I feel it is also right to use the word Assembly . Yahshua said that He would build the Assembly  on this Rock. Furthermore, Yahshua is referred in the Holy Scriptures as being the Rock of Salvation. The first Assembly was established in Yerushalayim, & extended towards other places outside of the Holy Land.

"Then had the Assemblies rest throughout all Yudaea and Galilee and Samaria, and were edified; and walking in the fear of  Yahwah, and in the comfort of Ha Qodesh Ruwach(the Holy Spirit), were multiplied." (Acts 9:31) 

However, once again, these Gentiles changed the Aseemblies into their churches, & corrupted these places of worship by placing their own pagan customs in it, polluting the Assemblies of Yah. Even today in most Christian churches we encounter these kind of heathenistic practices, & this is a reason why I don't have no interest in joining any church. Because in the Assembly of YHWH, the Twelve and the followers of the Messiah, were complying with Yahshua's teachings which He receieved from the Most High. In most Christian churches, the teachings are man made, obviously Gentile and not Hebrew Yisra'elite at all.

In the Assembly of Yahwah, not only was the Gospel of the Kingdom embraced, but so was Baptism, the Feasts of Yisra'el, the Sabbath Day, & the Master's Memorial Supper(which consisted of Bread & Grape Juice not Wine like ones assume). Apparently, Yahshua's teachings & these Hebrew Yisra'elite customs are not embraced. They claim to be following the Messiah, or Christ like they say, but are they really doing this? Messianists completely submit their lives to Yahwah, and abide by the teachings of His Son, Yahshua Ha Mashiyach. Some Christians teach about Baptism, but what about the Sabbath Day and Yisra'el's feasts?

Do they feel that only Jewish people should embrace these  traditions instead? If that is what they truly believe then they are surely not following the Anointed One of Yah, because He Himself as a Hebrew Yisra'elite followed these customs, & so should anyone who claims to be walking in the Messiah's footsteps. Therefore, people need to learn about the Messianic Faith and its Assembly. The fact is Yahshua nor the Twelve spoke Greek but Hebrew and Aramaic, & they congregated in an assembly not a church. It is now proven that Christianity and the church is  actually derived from the Messianic Faith & the Assembly of Yahwah.

 "And so were the Assemblies established in the Faith, and increased in number daily."(Acts 16:31)   

Please know that this is not an attempt to undermine Christianity, but to rather show Christians, the faith Yahshua truly spoke highly about, & the Twelve/the Messianists embraced.  Truth is Yahshua nor the Twelve were not even Christians, they were Hebrew Yisra'elites. Which certainly means that Christianity couldn't be the original faith that Yahshua emphasized on at all. It is rather the Gentiles that founded Christianity, & have made ones to presently ignore the Messianic Faith. Christianity is a Gentile faith, not Hebraic at all like the Messianic Faith, & I hope that ones will realise this. Again this is only my perspective from what the Bible shows me. Thank you for listening still. For those who see themselves as Messianists and not Christians, may Yahwah bless you. May the Messianists continue to abide by the teachings of the Messiah, even though they will receive opposition from Gentiles, just like the Twelve in those times. Blessed be the Most High YHWH for sending us His Son, Yahshua the Messiah, to teach the Nation of Yisra'el! 


The Messianic Faith is the true faith of Hebrew Israelites. The Assembly of YHWH is where Israelites congregated at before christian churches were even made.