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Who were the original people? Are they here on the Earth? If so where can they be found at? Most people would look to the Bible, to search for this kind of evidence, but even science, archeology, geneology, and genetics has  basically proven to us that Edenites were the original people. 

It was so called black people who existed on this earth before other peoples did, and who were formed by Yahwah El Shaddai in His own image and likeness according to the book of Genesis 1. But let us further look at how science, geneology and genetics, documents that Africans(originally known as Edenites) were the first on this Earth, the original people of Yah.


Though I like to read the Bible myself, these  fundamental subjects, Science, Archeology, Geneology, & Genetics,also has necessary basic information, pertaining to who the original people were, & still are. From an archeological & scientific background, the oldest bones were excavated from Alkebulan, known in the Bible as the Land of Eden(Hebrew for Paradise). Some of these ancient bones have been recorded as being 800,000 years old(not Lucy).

With Geneology and Genetics, black people's genes are the most ancient DNA on the face of this Earth. Which clearly explains why Black People can have albino offsprings, but white people can't produce black children,unless they are only adopted, but that's it. Therefore, this absolutely teaches us that African Edenites were the first on this Earth, and whom the Almighty made in His image and likeness.

It also means that every human being today, actually did physically stem from Black People. African Edenic peoples are the progenitors of the human race. So does this mean that all human beings whether they are black, brown, red, yellow, or white are Black? Not necessarily. These facts just clearly points to Edenites being the original people. This is what they need to be teaching in school, instead of saying it was Europeans first, the Edenites are the ancients! 


The Holy Scriptures, which really originated from ancient African Edenic writings, & certainly not from Greek or English writings, dates the first human beings on this Earth as being 6,000 years old. Now the question I really need to ask, if it is true that the first Edenic man and woman were formed within 6,000 years old, then why are the oldest bones 800,000 years old then? Some might feel like I am speaking against the Bible with my contemplation, but its simply digging out the truth, & not listening to ones lies.

Because I am quite aware that certain books(the Apocrypha, the Book of Jasher, the Book of Enoch, Nag Hammadi Scrolls etc.) which should be in the Holy Bible, were taken out by these Europeans. They removed these ancient Hebraic books because they didn't want the people to acknowledge the Biblical Truth about Edenites being first, so they created the myth about Europeans instead, and even produced non African Edenic paintings as their story. His Story not Our Story! But its nothing but lies because Europeans are Japhites not Shemites, where the ancient Hebrew Israelites originated from.

Maybe the ancient Scrolls that these African Edenic scholars compiled gave the right date for Ahdawm & Chawah's(Adam and Eve)presence,which was much earlier than 6,000 years. Or they were  possibly other African  Edenites before Adam and Eve who were not recorded in the Bible? After all Qayin(Cain)found a woman who became his wife and wasn't part of Adam's family, though some believe it was his sister. So where did she come from? There had to been other Edenite people before Adam and Eve. 

I feel there is truth regarding who this ancient African Edenic man and woman were, and they could be more ancient than Adam and Eve written in the Bible. I know for sure that they were Edenic peoples, not Europeans. I have already given you these facts as proof of what I say. I don't reject the Bible like some people do, because our African Edenite History can also be found within this holy book, even though ones tried to destroy this truth. The Bible is a book basically about the  geneology, and culture of Afro Asiatic peoples( Edenites-Hebrew Israelites).


Many European scholars, usually begin Black People with one of Noah's three sons, Ham(Cham) but like I have already shown you, African Edenites were the first on this earth. So they didn't begin with Ham like many believe. Shem, Ham, & Japheth are regarded as being the ancestors of all human beings, but Edenites are more ancient than Ham or his brothers. Modern Africa(Alkebulan), & the Middle East, has a very great History & civilization which began by African Edenic people. 

The problem is certain individuals forget that there are Hamites, who have black and brown complexions, just like with Shemites. Instead these Biblical scholars place Ham as only Black, & Shem as only Brown. Yet, Biblically,  the sons of Noah, including Himself would be considered dark skinned. I'm sure if they were physically walking with us in this modern time, they including their ancestors & the latter Nation of Israel progeny, would be classified as modern day black people.

The Ancient Israelites from the Biblical times, were Shemetic but some had Hamitic relationships as well, which clearly determines that they were & are dark skinned peoples. It doesn't even matter if some Shemites didn't have relationships with Hamites, these Edenite genes are still dominant in them through Noah and his family. Therefore, we need to anul these ridiculous thoughts of Europeans being the ancients, it was they who rather came from Yephet(Japheth), an offspring of also Adam and Eve according to the Scriptures. Europeans are neither Shemites or Hamites they are Japhites. Edenites were dark skinned people but they didn't come from CHam, much ancient than that.


It is often emphasized that the first language that the Ancients spoke was Hebrew(Ibriy) which is derived from the Lashan Qodesh(ancient Hebrew, palaeo Hebrew). What was this ancient language? It was known as Edenics the progenitor of all ancient languages. This was the language where the ancient Hebrew scrolls were derived from. The Gilgamesh epics the Enuma Elish, The Ugarit Scripts are also ancient Edenic scrolls, and quite similiar to these ancient Hebraic scrolls. Hebrew is close to this ancient Edenic language than others. It wasn't lost at the Tower of Babel incident  because it was Hamites not Shemites who  rebelled against YHWH. The Israelites  possessed their own Hebraic writings to teach the people about YHWH the Most High. Edenics is the ancient language that came from Edenites, before the people spoke different languages, Hebrew, Aramaic, Chaldean, Akkadian, Phonecian, Arabic, Geeze etc. 


Since you have already read my statements given that African Edenites are the originals, and the creators of civilization, then we should know that Europe is absolutely not the ancient land that the Book of Genesis speaks about, it is EDEN! Because even Genesis 2 writes that the Giyon(Gihon)River flows around the whole land of Kuwsh,(Ethiopia)from the principal river(Yarden-Jordan) branching off into four heads within the Garden of Eden. You can read this scripture for yourself. The other rivers(Tigris, Euphrates, & Pishon) mentioned can be found within Northeast Africa, what the Europeans later termed as the so called Middle East. The Garden of Eden can be found in Northeast Africa, while the whole of Africa(including the so called Middle East) is the Biblical land of Eden.

The place known as modern Israel or Palestine, doesn't have an ancient history like Eden does. But we can't reject the fact that this territory is a part of Alkebulan! Eden is the first place that the Almighty Father created even before He founded Israel. While I do emphasize on the Nation of Yisra'el, I have to know my ancient Edenite roots and culture as an Israelite. Because Edenic civilization flourished before Jacob & his twelve sons were even born. Look at those empires which the Sumerians, Elamites, Chaldeans,(Afro Asiatic people) built in ancient Mesopotamia, and those empires in present day Africa as proof.

Even the Holy Bible teaches us about these great Kemitan, Kuwshite, and Nubian monarchs whom the Israelites traded & had communication with. The Israelites originated from Edenic people, it is just after the Flood, & the Tower of Babel, when they began to inherit different territories for themselves by the Almighty's will, and His purpose to start a human population as it is today. I realise after reading the Bible, that almost every place mentioned in there is located right in Eden(present day Africa & the Middle East)! Though these European white supremists tried to distort the truth from Black People, & other peoples about Africa, they failed in doing that!

Thus, it is absolutely imperative for certain people to be educating all human beings with this truth on African Edenic History, & stop misleading them with their pseudo notions about Europeans being first. These European Jewish people that are pretending to be from the ancient Israelites, but are really Europeans, need to stop telling lies. We know who the ancient Hebrew Israelites were and are today and it is surely not Jews. No more of this miseducation being taught to us! African Edenic History is what the people need to know right now. 

I would encourage Black People to not follow the ways of the unrighteous like they did us four hundred years ago in servitude, but to rather uplift ourselves from this mental slavery, teach our people and others, and be proud of who you are! African Edenites are the original people of the Most High & it is time that the world knows this truth! Ahdawm and Chawah were Edenites living in the Garden of Eden, which can be found mainly in Northeast Africa, present day Middle East. Thank you for listening and may the Almighty YHWH bless you! 

The Garden of Eden is located right in North East Africa(present day Middle East). Therefore Ahdawm and CHawah(Adam and Eve) couldn't have been Europeans like we were taught but African Edenites.

The Original People that YHWH created were surely not Europeans but AFRICAN EDENITES!